Point of Service Payments

Elevated customer service + easier reconciliations & reporting. You can have it all.

DivDat’s POS system gives your cashiers or treasury team the ability to better service your customers. From immediate payment postings to instant access to real-time payment data, DivDat’s POS is easier to implement and easier for your team to adopt. DivDat’s Point of Service Solution mirrors your business processes that are already working, and streamlines the rest. Accepting in-person payments just got a whole lot easier.


Providing an in-person payment channel has never been easier.

DivDat’s Point of Service payments channel provides an easy-to-use interface to efficiently collect payments from consumers, in-person, at cashiering centers, across court counters, or at medical office windows.

The SQL Server-based system can be configured to reflect your business rules and leverages APIs for seamless connections and straightforward data sharing.

Designed with your business in mind, we’ve pre-built many integrations to CIS, HIS, JIS, and tax billing systems. Implementations are comprehensive and help ensure redundant manual steps are removed, and processes are made more efficient.

With DivDat’s Point of Service solution, you can get consolidated views, actionable insights, and easier reconciliations. This way, you can get back to what really counts- servicing your customers.

DD22 Product 13

DivDat’s Point of Sale solution comes with:

  • Workstations

  • Card terminals

  • Check scanners for ACH conversion

  • Coupon scanners/readers

  • Thermal printers

And provides:

  • Browser-based access

  • Role based permissions with individual login/password specific user access

  • Multiple look-up options to easily find and query customer accounts

  • The ability to accept credit cards, PIN-less debit cards, personal and business
    check payments, money orders, and cash payment tender acceptance

  • Easy conversion from paper checks to ACH payments

  • Viewable historical payment receipts

  • Built-in industry-standard payment rules, including provisions for: overpay, underpay, fixed value, restrictions, etc

  • Efficient, best-in-practice payment workflows that layer-on to mirror the
    nuances in your business rules and take out the re-work

  • Email or text receipt options

  • Post payments and display account and payment details in real-time or via daily batch file, based on your existing systems and business rules