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For over 50 years, DivDat has made invoice presentment and bill payment easy by connecting billers and payers and eliminating the needless complexity in the middle. What began as an innovative approach to presenting invoice data in repeatable, standardized format to mitigate errors evolved into a highly sophisticated SaaS based suite of payment solutions that bridge the gap between essential services providers and their customers.

For billers, relying on DivDat means tapping into the full payment potential of their payer base while making “staying current” on essential bills easier for their customers, across demographics, and across preferred payment types. For bill payers – even those who are cash-preferred, relying on DivDat provides access through inclusion, and delivers peace of mind.

For end-customers across demographics, we’re leveling the paying field®. Want to join a fast-growing fintech company with heart and a conscience?

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Our Purpose

To empower billers to provide their resident bill payers and consumers fair and equal access to easy and convenient essential bill payments – regardless of their access to credit or to traditional banking services.

Our Values

  • Reliable
  • Respectful
  • Humble