Opt in. Get reminded. Get it handled.

Paying bills on the go has never been easier. Bill payers enjoy the secure way to pay DivDat Payment Network billers that keeps them on the move. Billers can offer another payment channel without the worries of having to maintain and optimize another technology and not having to worry about complicating collections.

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How it works:

  1. Consumers can easily opt-in to receive SMS-based message reminders to pay bills from the DivDat Mobile App
  2. Because they’ve opted in, users receive reminders from saved billers on the DivDat Payment Network when their bills are due
  3. The Text-to-Pay message chain serves as proof of payment for billpayers
  4. Consumers get the confidence of knowing they can stay current from anywhere, 24/7/365, while billers provide additional convenience to their customers
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Text-to-pay features reminders, confirmations, and saves payment data for quick and easy on-time bill payments.

Simple opt-in features, accessible directly from the DivDat Mobile App provides billpayers with access to their local area payment network. Convenient recurring bill payment due date reminders with one word payment directives and immediate payment confirmations serve as official payments and post immediately to essential billers' accounts.

DivDat’s Mobile App Gives Consumers, Residents, Patients, and Pet Parents alike:

  • An intuitive and responsive experience for use on mobile phones and tablets

  • The ability to pay on-the-go, 24/7/365 with credit cards, PIN-less debit cards, and personal or business checks

  • Advanced search functionality to find customer, account, or
    statement records

  • The convenience associated with safely and securely saving their preferred payment method

  • The flexibility to pay one time, make scheduled payments, or to select auto-pay to pay recurring bills with ease

  • The ability to create payment profiles and save multiple billers
    for added visibility and easy ongoing payments management

  • Shopping cart functionality to “check out” and pay multiple
    bills at one time

  • The ability to split payment methods

  • The ability to create multiple family member or business
    user accounts

DivDat’s Mobile App Gives Essential
Billers the ability to:

  • Apply industry standard payment rules, such as: overpay, underpay, fixed value, restrictions, etc.

  • Seamlessly convert paper check payments to ACH transactions

  • Easily query data to find customer, account, or statement records via multiple search criteria

  • Easily query data to find customer, account, or statement records via multiple search criteria

  • Display account & payment details in real-time or daily batch file, based on your business rules and systems of record

  • Import invoices for convenient PDF viewing

  • Enable ACH payment restriction options, as required

  • Consolidate and streamline reporting, directly into DivDat’s
    Transaction Reporting Dashboard for easy and actionable insights