Providing more ways to pay is
leveling the paying field.®

DivDat provides essential billers like municipal governments, utility companies, auto finance companies, and more with an omnichannel approach to accepting payments, regardless of tender type.

We provide billpayers with the tools and technologies to simply and cost-effectively pay bills online, even when they’re paying with cash.

Your treasury processes.
Without the redundancy.

See how DivDat’s smart treasury automation tools can help your team. We listen, learn,
then apply cross-vertical best practices to strip out the repeated steps, connect disparate
systems, and save teams time, energy, and money in the process.

Extend access. Secure the win on behalf of financial equity.

DivDat bridges the gap between essential billers and their customers, regardless of their access to traditional banking services or credit. By providing cities and counties, utilities, courts, and other essential services providers with more payment channels, billers enjoy more on-time payments  from more of their customers — more of the time.

DivDat helps increase bill payers’ propensity to pay and to stay current on key bills, by providing more ways to pay. For essential billers, DivDat helps them get paid faster®. For customers across demographics and tender types, we’re leveling the paying field®.



years of efficient and secure invoicing and payment processing


implementation success


of cash-receiving bill payment kiosks deployed, nationwide


direct integrations with back-end systems


of communities served with more payment channels that help local area essential billers level the paying field for residents and consumers

10’s of millions

of transactions processed