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Cash is (STILL) King and is gaining followers.

Cash use rises (AND applies to consumers across age groups) as households struggle to cope with inflation. "It really transcends generations and financial situations," says Courtney Alev, an associate director of product management at Credit Karma, in the article.

Still collecting the lion’s share of bill payments by drop box? There may be a reason for it.

If your department or municipality is still opening envelopes deposited in the drop box, consider this perspective. High volumes of drop box payments could indicate a consumer population that is unbanked, underbanked, or even offline. Self-service (real-time) payments are within reach for most utilities, cities, and even townships.

DivDat Kiosks: Serving Communities with Convenience and Care

At the heart of our company's mission — to promote the inclusion of the unbanked and underbanked in today's online banking and bill paying services world — is the idea of service.
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DivDat Kiosk Network Users Join the Conversation

You've heard a great deal from me lately about the unbanked and underbanked: who they are, how they incur hidden costs, why my company has come to serve them
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How We Serve the Unbanked and Underbanked - And Why It's a Win

Last month I talked about how my company and I have evolved over the years, from providing paper billing services to promoting inclusion.
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The Journey from Providing Paper Billing to Promoting Inclusion

Over the last couple of months, I've shared information about the unbanked and described some of the hidden costs of being unbanked