Who We Serve​

DivDat bridges the gap between billers and payers by providing omnichannel bill payment solutions that
span the digital divide, even for those bill payers who pay in cash. For billers across industries, DivDat’s
best-in-class process automation and direct connections to systems of record ensure more efficient
and less costly back-end reconciliations and postings.

By providing cloud-based applications and infrastructure, DivDat’s full suite of payment solutions are
SaaS based, real-time, or are offered as a managed service. Even the Kiosk.

…with an omnichannel approach. We offer more ways for your consumers, resident customers,
patients, or pet parents to pay. So you get paid faster®.

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Bill Payment Kiosk (as a Service)

Extend easy, accessible, multilingual payment options to your full customer base – even those who prefer to pay in cash. Open 24/7/365, with always available support. We handle the cash collection and handling, routine maintenance, and software and hardware upgrades. You get funds quickly and efficiently- with accurate transaction- level settlement to account

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Web Pay

Embed a branded payment portal into your existing website for recognizable, simple, and efficient collection and processing, 24/7/365. Or allow for a more feature-rich, customer-centric experience, so your payers can view, pay, and plan for specific bills with auto payment and text-to-pay enrollment capabilities.

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Mobile App

Payers can quickly and easily download DivDat mobile application to conveniently pay any bill across the DivDat Payment Network. Consumers can set up recurring payments,auto-pay, receive payment reminders, review amounts due for all Network bills in real time, and access the interactive DivDat Kiosk location map

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IVR/Phone Pay

DivDat’s phone pay is powered by multilingual interactive voice recognition and can be programmed to provide shopping cart functionality—so users can pay multiple bills/billers at one time

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Point of Service

Providing DivDat’s Point of Service payment processing technology to your cashiering team means all payment channel transactions flow through DivDat’s powerful back-end process automation, giving you the benefit of treasury-friendl reconciliation processes. Increased efficiency + actionable insights = your team at their most productive

Municipal and county governments and their departments

DivDat provides cities, rural communities, county governments, and their respective departments and subsidiaries the ability to scale as quickly as your plan, your council, or your board requires. Roll out one department at a time, start with “the biggies”, such as tax and water first, or make a plan at the outset to modernize your systems-wide approach to collections. DivDat can help streamline collections, make disparate systems a thing of the past, and eliminate reconciliation redundancies.

Utility companies

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we must be flexible and fast to respond. Even slow-moving essential services providers learned to pivot, to keep their customers and their staff safe, and to do what it took to stay in business.

But above all else, across segments, essential billers learned that not prioritizing the customer experience is leaving money on the table.

DivDat provides more ways for utility companies’ customers to pay, and streamlines the back-end collections and payment processing for cashiering and treasury teams. It prioritizes collections, Without trading efficient, detailed, and timely back-end processing.

Across markets and demographics, the results are clear. DivDat’s utility company customers benefit from reduced lines at cashiering stations and payment centers, increased collections – in some instances, nearly twofold – and positive end-customer feedback, from the same folks who now had a greater propensity to pay on time. It sounds like a win-win for a reason.


Courts have a unique opportunity to join municipal partners on the DivDat Payment Network. Whether you’re committed to serving court goers in-person at your court clerk’s window, or would prefer to collect fees and fines through self-service channels, now, you can do both – without excluding your cash paying customers.

DivDat provides courts with the ability to join the DivDat Payment Network, where local area billers are presented in unison across all DivDat payment channels for ultimate bill payment convenience. Bill payers can pay multiple bills from multiple billers at once. Courts enjoy the convenience of providing more ways to collect on fees and fines. Depending on your court’s volume and business practices, mobile, web, and kiosk payment channels could be quickly and efficiently integrated with in-place systems of record for streamlined payment collections, postings, reconciliations, and ongoing reporting and channel optimization

Schools and Universities

From tuition payments to cafeteria plans, DivDat’s omnichannel approach to accessible payments collection and presentment. Students, as well as their families, are as different as the educational institutions that serve them. That’s why, DivDat’s full suite of payment solutions, the in-person, cash accepting Bill Payment Kiosk, to Text-to-Pay gives whomever is “footing the bill” the flexibility, the helpful reminders and ability to schedule payments, as well as convenience of a local area DivDat Payment Network, so students and families alike can pay multiple local essential bills at once. For cashiering and treasury teams, DivDat’s full suite of solutions provide streamlined processes, direct connectivity to systems of record, and customizable views to keep collections coming and redundant data entry a thing of the past.

Veterinary clinics

Swiftly turn more ways for pet parents to pay for their furry friends’ veterinary services into increased on-time collections and less headaches for office and support staff.

Demand for quality animal care is at an all-time high, and veterinary practices across the country (rural communities to busy city centers) are echoing the same sentiment: there simply aren’t enough of us.

Forward thinking practices are making it as easy as possible to collect on vet med services rendered, streamlining back-end processes, so taking
payments isn’t a job in itself, and in so doing, they’re able to better service their clients.
See how DivDat’s real-time omnichannel approach to accepting payments can increase collections and make reconciliations a whole lot easier on your team, no matter how great or small.

Insurance agencies and brokerages

For insurance agencies and brokerages, elevating customer service is mission critical. The extent to which an agent or broker can improve their customers’ experience, puts them ahead of the pack in not only service, but available customer touch points. Providing more ways to pay for insurance policies, in lump sum or in increments, could be the difference between your rival provider earning the business. Helpful features like autopay, payment reminders, and text – to – pay functionality keeps your collections uniform, increases your customers propensity to pay on time, and helps to improve your relationship with your clients. Keep your insureds happy and your business top-of-mind by partnering with DivDat to provide more ways to pay.

Auto finance

For a portion of the market, staying current on essential bills like their auto loans, is more difficult than you might expect. For auto finance companies with a strong presence in local markets, extending your payment channels and giving – even cash-paying customers – the ability to pay where and when (ahead of time) it’s most convenient for them.

DivDat provides progressive auto finance companies with an omnichannel approach to payment acceptance. Essential billers share their collections
increase as much as twofold, in specific markets. If your well-established territories or regions contain a cash-preferred artist community, or if you buy a portion of the underbanked or unbanked population, DivDat’s approach of providing more ways to pay routinely taps into a slower paying portions of customers across industries

Property management companies

Progressive residential properties are giving their long-term tenants, and even their short-term vacation renters more ways to pay. More payment
channels – and more convenient options – increase renters’ propensity to pay. And to pay on time.

From cash-accepting bill/rent payment kiosks to web payment portals and the DivDat Mobile App and Text-to-Pay functionality, collecting rent or
payments for vacation stays has never been easier. Easy to implement, and seamless to connect to back-end systems of record, DivDat provides a holistic view of your collections, from all departments and accounts, across all channels. Our transaction-level payment postings provide accurate
balance closures without the need for manual data re-entry, across systems.

Get paid faster® while making reconciliations and reporting far easier on the back-end

Waste management

For exponentially growing industries like waste management, it’s important to put the right tools in place the first time.

Residential and commercial refuse and recycling clients expect more. More options, more customer service capabilities, and more ways to pay. Adding payment channels used to be difficult for waste management. Face it, it’s not easy when traditionally non-technical industries and even teams are often asked to source and recommend a service provider for one payment channel. They often don’t consider an omnichannel approach. And they’re not alone.

Typical businesses aren’t excited at the prospect of making massive IT investments that are often slow to show return. Each system or tool, if sourced and implemented independently as a stand alone simply can’t provide as much value as one that considers and directly integrates into your existing back-end systems of record.

Enter DivDat.

Far from one-size-fits-all, our industry and business-specific approach to integration is easy on internal teams, highly process oriented (so that success can be repeated), and makes quick work of mirroring your business rules, so at the end of the day – they’re your processes, only more efficient