Web Payments

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DivDat’s web payments have never been more convenient. DivDat enables essential billers to better connect with their customers who wish to pay essential bills when it’s convenient and top-of-mind. With two web payment portal options to offer, billers double the payment channel options, while meeting their residents and consumers where they are.
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Guest Pay

DivDat’s Guest Pay functionality gives businesses of any kind the ability to conveniently extend payment functionality to their consumers online.

Simple to iframe into your current customer web experience, or provide a direct link, DivDat’s Guest Pay can carry biller-specific branding, so your customers recognize the portal as a safe and secure way to pay their bills on their timeline – from wherever it’s most convenient for them to pay.

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consumer portal

Consumer Web Pay Portal

For essential billers part of a larger local area DivDat Payment Network, as well as for those seeking to give their consumers ultimate payment autonomy and flexibility, the Consumer Web Pay Portal puts your consumer at the center of their payment experience.

The Consumer Web Pay Portal is perfect for those consumers who have access to a desktop or tablet, and enjoy the convenience of paying multiple bills – and even multiple billers – in one easy transaction. With easy-to-create payment profiles, the Consumer Web Pay Portal supports multiple family member and business user accounts. Users can sign up for auto-pay and convenient payment reminders.

The Consumer Web Pay Portal provides opt-in capabilities for Text-to-Pay functionality, so consumers can pay on-the-go, schedule recurring payments, and more.

DivDat’s Consumer Web Pay Portal Gives Consumers:

  • A responsive interface design that scales easily across devices

  • The ability to quickly and easily create a user profile, then add multiple billers and departments for streamlined and consolidated payments

  • Shopping cart and saved payment preference capabilities for quicker and easier checkouts

  • Convenient auto-pay functionality and payment reminders to easily stay on top of recurring bills

  • Credit card, PIN-less debit card, and personal and business
    check acceptance

  • Credit card, PIN-less debit card, and personal and business
    check acceptance

DivDat’s Web Payment Channels Give Billers:

  • The ability to collect payments from on – the – go residents and
    consumers 24/7/365

  • DivDat – provided live human 1-800 and chat support for bill payers to interact with directly

  • Industry standard payment rule application, including overpay, underpay, fixed value, restrictions, etc

  • Paper check conversion into ACH payments for faster funding

  • Multiple search options to filter and find customer, account, or
    statement records

  • payment information in real-time or daily batch

  • The ability to import invoices for PDF viewing

  • ACH payment restriction options

  • Consolidated and streamlined reporting, directly into DivDat’s
    Transaction Reporting Database for easy and actionable insights on any data element of the transaction, across DivDat payment channels