Why DivDat

DivDat connects billers with their bill-paying consumers by providing more convenient self-service ways to pay. See what our biller customers and their end-user residents and business consumers have to say about paying essential bills with DivDat.

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Meeting bill paying residents where they are

“Together with DivDat, we were able to extend our ability to meet bill paying residents where they are and collect payments when it’s convenient for them.

Providing the ability to accept cash payments and manage the settlement and post payments the next day has increased efficiencies for our staff. It has improved on-time payments and has engaged our community.”

“DivDat’s kiosk and the mobile app are a game changer for the Wayne County Treasurer’s office. They can be a game changer for you too.”

Eric Sabree

Wayne County Treasurer

Lisa Hicks-Clayton
Lisa Hicks-Clayton

Dearborn Heights Treasurer

Providing more self-service ways to pay

“Partnering with DivDat gives our residents and businesses more convenient and flexible self-service ways to pay. DivDat supports my team by making it easier and more accurate to receive and reconcile tax and water payments while giving us additional bandwidth to better serve our consumers.”

“It was perfect! Quick and easy. In and out. I had my bill so I was able to scan, pay, and go.”

Lisa C., Detroit Resident, Vegas Food Center, and DivDat Bill Payment Kiosk User

When asked about her experience using DivDat's Bill Payment Kiosk in her local market.

Big benefits to billpayers and streamlined funding for our department

“Providing Detroit residents with the ability to conveniently pay their water department bills where and when it’s convenient for them has helped Detroiters keep their DWSD accounts current and avoid late fees.

We can’t say enough good things about the partnership with DivDat. 76% of our customers use the DivDat platform.

Our reconciliations are streamlined, we get funded the next day, and our residents get immediate confirmation their payments have been received and applied to their accounts.”

“Working with DivDat to provide residents with more ways to pay is leveling the paying field, here in Detroit.”

gary borwn
Gary Brown

Director, Detroit Water & Sewerage

william mcconnico
William McConnico

Chief Judge, 36th District Court, Michigan

Easier on courtgoers and increased compliance and collections for the court

“The 36th District Court is excited to implement new technologies that will make the Court more accessible for its users. Through the various electronic payment methods offered by DivDat, the public can now submit their payments without having to expend the time or the effort to physically come to the building.

The benefits of these services are far-reaching and highly valuable, and the 36th District Court is pleased to offer them.”

“Not only does [DivDat] ‘make life easier’ for those who make use of it, but it also increases compliance and collections for the Court.”


“I just recently tried for the first time ever paying my City of Detroit Property Taxes using the kiosk. Thank you for making it so easy for me to pay at my local neighborhood store. Welcome to the 21st Century!”

A Happy Taxpayer and DivDat Bill Payment Kiosk User

Direct Impact on Retailers

“At Prince Valley we are committed to giving our customers the very best experience possible by making it easy to shop for thing families need. DivDat does the same and that’s why we’re proud retail host of the DivDat Bill Payment Kiosk. 

DivDat provides folks with more ways to pay their essential bills whether it’s city or county taxes, water and sewer, tickets or court fees. DivDat continues to offer free bill pay to residents paying with cash and check so maybe they can afford to spend a little more on that special family dinner or neighborhood barbeque. “

“Thank you DivDat for bringing more residents to shop and buy at Prince Valley Market and thank you to the Detroit community for your business.”

joe gappy 4
Joe Gappy

Owner, Prince Valley Market

Redford - Lily Cavanagh
Lily Cavanagh

Treasurer, Redford Township

Direct Impact on Driving Efficiencies

“Serving the community members of Redford Township has been a passion, not just a career. It’s important for the Office of the Treasurer to be accessible to residents and businesses and to drive efficiencies and transparency for the Township. DivDat helps Redford Township and the Treasury team do just that. The citizens and businesses of Redford can rely on DivDat as an official self-service payment channel that helps the Township provide you with more secure and efficient ways to pay.

Direct Impact on Bike Riders

“Joining the DivDat Payment Network is key to MoGo better serving the portion of our Detroit customer base who may not have access to traditional banking services – people who don’t have a credit or debit card to pay for a MoGo.

It’s important that we’re able to extend bike rental services to cash-paying customers. DivDat’s Bill Payment Kiosks, and joining their Payment Network of other Detroit-area billers, is key to our being able to accept cash, provide greater convenience to our riders, and stay true to our mission to provide a convenient and fun way to get people moving and get them where they need to go – regardless of their banking status.”

Adriel Thornton

Executive Director, MoGo