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Meet your customers where they are. Inclusive access. Delivered.

Whether you’re committed to serving your customers in-person at a payment facility, or prefer to direct your residents or consumers to self-service payment channels – now, you can do both. Without excluding your customers who pay with cash.

DivDat provides offers web, mobile, and in-person payment channels to help you cast a wider net. From convenient text-to-pay options to bill payment kiosks placed in neighborhood stores and community centers – more ways to pay = increased on-time payments.

DivDat’s full suite of solutions offers multilingual capabilities. Our kiosks are ADA compliant, and our. Our support is live and available 24/7/365

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DivDat Transaction Dashboard Screen Shot

DivDat's Transaction Reporting Dashboard.

Real-time actionable insights deliver real-world results. That's why each DivDat payment channel provides highly detailed and configurable reporting and advanced analytics, that's queryable and actionable, as soon as it's made. No need to wait for batches to complete or end of day processes to run. Simply toggle to the DivDat Transaction Reporting Dashboard, and take immediate action.

Real-time (and included) advanced data analytics.
At your fingertips. And on your schedule.

Treasury or cashiering teams can quickly query data to see details on a specific transaction, as well as pull reports based on payment channel, user-specific accounts, and by time frame. Across solutions, DivDat’s powerful back-end treasury management tools help streamline data inquiries and corresponding data returns into easy-to-use formats that can be easily leveraged by downstream systems of record.

Data is available at the payer, account, channel, department, or organization level, and the schemas are built to mirror how your team already works, and how your existing systems of records are structured, so synchronizations are a snap, and your team can focus on driving efficiencies and better servicing your consumers. 

Merchant Services. Focused on better serving you.

Customers can take advantage of our merchant processing services, across the full suite of DivDat payment channels. As a registered ISO, we are a merchant services provider ourselves, and help maintain relationships with multiple other merchant processors in order to remain competitive and responsive to our customers businesses and their volumes. Our ability to pair your business with the right merchant processing services help ensure DivDat customers receive the most competitive rates, and ensure that their accounts are well managed over time.