Our History

Why DivDat.

What began, in 1971, as Diversified Data Processing & Consulting, quickly became known affectionately by customers as “DivDat”. And it stuck.

With a culture built around the idea of helping people, we’ve never strayed too far from that North Star. Perhaps the best compliment of all, according to our customers – they say, helping people is in our DNA. We’ll take it.

From our start in print and mail invoicing and payments to our entrance into medical billing and even the collections business, a few things have proven the common thread:

DivDat helps connect billers and their consumers so billers get paid faster, with less time and cost spent on collections, and makes it easier on their customers to pay essential bills on time by providing more convenient ways to pay.
Today, across payment channels, we’re leveling the paying field.®


  • Moved Detroit Headquarters to Detroit, MI
  • 36th District Court Bond Payments launched on the DivDat Kiosk Network


  • City of Detroit launched Plan Ahead Tax Savings Program on the DivDat Kiosk Network


  • Mobile App launched


  • The DivDat Kiosk Network is launched


  • Phone Pay/IVR and Point of Service (POS) launched


  • Diversified Data Processing and Consulting, Inc. was shortened to a more condensed name, "DivDat", in the vein of "FedEx"
  • www.DivDat.com was launched


  • Print and Mail services launched


  • Diversified Data Processing and Consulting, Inc founded

Our Purpose

To empower billers to provide their resident bill payers and consumers fair and
equal access to easy and convenient essential bills payments – regardless of their
access to credit or to traditional banking services.

Our Values

Reliable   Respectful   Humble