About Us

DivDat bridges the gap between essential billers and their customers by providing an omnichannel approach to self-service payments acceptance for residential and business consumers, regardless of tender type or how they prefer to pay.

Across industries, DivDat helps billers increase collections passively, without pursuit, by providing more ways for customers and residents to pay. More self-service ways for consumers to pay can mean a more streamlined process on the back-end for treasury and operations teams.  DivDat provides a SaaS-based payments engine that can integrate with customer information systems directly. It powers all DivDat payment channels, so biller customers have actionable insights across payment channels. 


Integrations made easy. 

DivDat works with your team to understand your industry, your business, your systems, and your existing processes. We layer on custom, business- and department-specific integrations to best-in-practice processes to mirror your business rules. We work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure systems are talking, insights are actionable, and your goals are met.

Network Halo

Benefits to billers. Get paid faster.®

DivDat customers share that they benefit from more on-time payments, from more satisfied customers.

How we stand out.

DivDat provides municipal governments, utilities, and companies across industries, with more ways for their customers to pay essential bills. By extending more ways to pay – an omnichannel approach to bill payments – accepting payments from residents and consumers has never been easier. No matter how they prefer to pay.

Our approachable, secure, multi-lingual-capable kiosks provide an easy-to-use interface that guides billpayers through a simple and intuitive payment process. Staying current shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why DivDat provides thoughtful user experiences across payment channels that consider differences in communities and customer demographics. DivDat Kiosks are custom multi-lingual-capable, ADA-compliant, and are labeled with bilingual and pictorial usage instructions. DivDat’s IVR/Phone Payment technology is capable of English and Spanish programming.

Relying on DivDat allows forward-thinking municipalities and other essential billers to better reach and service their entire customer base. We’re purpose driven and believe that access – including financial equity – should be a given.

Engaging the community starts here.

As billers select DivDat to serve their customers in local areas. Many choose to select DivDat’s Ambassadors to help spread the word about their new payment channels, like the Bill Payment Kiosk. DivDat’s friendly Ambassadors help take the mystery (and the fear) out of paying bills on the kiosk for members of your community, across demographics. When placed in retail environments, the Ambassadors are sure to interact with retail customers as well, making sure they engage and inform the community of about the convenient and secure way to pay, in-person, with DivDat.

Whether your customers or residents are paying with cash, check, or card – one thing is clear.

DivDat and its Ambassador team help forward-thinking companies and communities committed to doing what it takes – better reach and serve their entire customer base.