Interactive Voice Response (IVR)/ Phone Payments

Sometimes it’s just easier to pick up the phone.

For some bill payers, picking up the phone and hearing options via a helpful auditory service menu is the easy path to stay current with essential bills. DivDat understands that all customer demographics are different, and provides this option for billers who seek to ensure their entire consumer or resident base is fully serviced.

IVR Phone Pay White RGB

How it works.

DivDat’s Interactive Voice Response, or “phone payments,” channel marries efficient verbal directives with highly sophisticated speech recognition to help users find and pay accounts quickly and easily. Customers can select menu options to make one or multiple payments at one time, save payment information for easy future selection, and enjoy the peace of mind of a secure authorized payment channel.

The system is available in English and Spanish, supports alphanumeric inputs, and accepts credit card, debit, and personal or business check payments. Available 24/7/365 with the ability to transfer to a live agent at any time, forward-thinking essential billers are sure to keep DivDat’s IVR phone payment lines open for their customer base

For billers, DivDat’s IVR Payment channel extends

  • A convenient phone-based payment channel with “the extras” that make paying bills easy, and your consumers coming back to pay on-time, every time

  • Shopping cart functionality and the ability to securely store and access saved payment information

  • Multiple language convenience

  • 24/7/365 collection

  • Same day payment posting

  • Instant receipting via text message or email

“I’m visually impaired, and I don’t use
the internet. I appreciate the fact that
my water department provides the
option to call in to pay my bills.I have
the number saved on my phone and the
system saves my payment information.
It’s convenient and I know it’s safe to
use. I recommend it to my friends who
aren’t comfortable paying online, and
to other people like me who have
trouble seeing.”

Texas Billpayer