Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What started as a way to accept cash payments for essential bills became a financial revolution.

Financial inclusion is more important than ever. Equitable customer service means making it easy for all of your customers to pay you, regardless of their access to traditional banking, credit, or online services.

It’s about equal access. We’ve learned from end-customers, across industries,
that paying their bills on-time is a way for residents, patients, and consumers
to hold their head high. But for some, the lack of financial inclusion keeps
dignity at arms length. In fact:

Nearly 25% of the nation’s residents are now classified
as underbanked. 10% are fully unbanked.

That’s why DivDat’s Bill Payment Kiosks, placed where your customers are already going, makes sense for communities and customer markets across the country. DivDat’s omnichannel suite of real-time payment solutions help billers tap into the full (on-time payments) potential of more of their customer markets – even from those customers who pay with cash.

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DivDat's Lead Ambassador, Brenda Ashford, helps a local area retail store customer make an essential bill payment on the DivDat kiosk.

DE&I made measurable.

Our customers say DivDat makes an essential biller’s organizational commitment
to DE&I measureable. We’d have to agree.

DivDat provides essential billers with the tools to extend important access to their full customer base. DivDat helps billers take more payments, because we provide them with more payment channels. DivDat enables billers to meet their billpayers where they are, and accept multiple payment types, in multiple languages, where, when, and how it’s most convenient for their consumers.

Providing more convenience and additional means of access is delivering real financial inclusion metrics that are moving the revenue needle for billers across the country.

Wayne County, Michigan experienced a nearly 2x increase in walk-up cash payment transactions, when forward-thinking Treasurer Eric Sabree, implemented DivDat’s Bill Payment
Kiosks to better serve the county’s cash-preferred customers. In light of their closed cashiering center due to COVID, DivDat’s multilingual and multi-tender bill payment kiosks were a mission critical arm of the Treasurer’s team, and helped collect more cash tax payments than ever before.

Providing residents with more ways to pay, regardless of their access to traditional banking or lines of credit, increases their propensity to pay — and to pay on time.

We talk the talk because
we walk the walk.

At DivDat, we celebrate our differences, because we know that a diverse team – one with different perspectives, from
different backgrounds – makes better decisions and drives more value for our clients and for our organization.

DivDat Winner of the 2021 Crain’s Notable Executives in DE&I Award:
Jason Bierkle, President and CEO, DivDat

Winner of the 2020 Corp! Magazine’s Diversity Focused Company Award