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Feb 13, 2019

New property tax payment method available for Detroit residents


The city is planning on making it easier for its residents to pay their property taxes.

Think of it kind of like a plan-ahead-savings-program.

“It’s so they are continually up-to-date on what it is they need to pay,” said Christa Mclellan, the Deputy CFO/Treasurer. “Once taxes are levied, they will sweep the tax accounts and apply to taxes too.”

How it works is a Detroit resident will take advantage of one of the 60 kiosks that dot the city. Meant to help people chip away at their property taxes, they put away money little by little as they ready for the summer and winter tax season.

That’s instead of paying it all at once.

There’s a catch though, residents have to pay their property taxes directly and not through a mortgage company.

If residents don’t want to use the kiosk, there’s always the app.

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