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Nov 30, 2021

Dearborn Heights adds Divdat Network kiosks, mobile app and web pay payment options for water and tax bills

By Christina Vincent | Press and Guide

Dearborn Heights residents now have another option for paying their water and tax bills with the addition of the new DivDat Network’s kiosks, mobile app and web pay services. Residents can now pay their tax and water bills via cash, check or credit card – as well as check their account balances at these kiosks (or via online or cell phone) at a time and location of their preference.

Several city officials joined DivDat representatives to welcome the new service with a November 23 ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of the DivDat kiosk at the city’s Dearborn Fresh Supermarket on Ford Road – one of three local businesses that have installed the kiosks.

Residents may now pay their water and tax bills without having to wait in line at City Hall or without being limited to paying only during normal business hours. The kiosks that are currently located in the city include the Dearborn Fresh Supermarket, 26811 Ford Road, the Fresh Value Market Place, 25625 Joy Road, and the Saturn Marketplace, 25200 Van Born Road.

The kiosks are “open for business” whenever these participating stores are open (including weekends). In addition, over 75 additional kiosks are in operation throughout six other nearby communities that are linked in real-time to the city’s bill payment system, enabling residents to conduct their business from virtually any Divdat kiosk. Additional locations are in the plans for the coming months.

Residents who prefer can also use the online platform located at, or the DivDat mobile app (available for free thru the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store) to conduct their business directly from their cell phones. Individuals opting to use the DivDat mobile app can get started by simply downloading the free mobile app. The app also features a QR code that pairs with the kiosk for scanning and faster cash payments. The mobile app will store the residents’ receipts and payment history, and allows users to make payments to other agencies on the network as well.

  • As part of the DivDat network, residents can pay bills at the kiosks, on-line, or on their phones thru the DivDat mobile app.
  • Residents may use any DivDat kiosk, regardless of the city it is located in.
  • All kiosks accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards – and transactions are posted immediately (note: the kiosks do not return “change” for cash over-payments – if an overpayment is made, the system will credit the resident’s account).
  • No “convenience fee” is charged for cash and check payments (traditional credit card charges will still apply).
  • Each kiosk will produce the customer’s choice of a texted, e-mailed or printed receipt at the close of the transaction. Online and app users can have their receipt delivered thru e-mail or text.

The kiosk bill payment is done in four steps. An account is accessed by address, account number, or by scanning the bill. Next, the customer enters the amount they wish to pay. Thirdly, a payment method, whether cash, check or credit card, is selected. Finally, the customer approves the payment and chooses a printed, emailed, or texted receipt.

For more information on the new DivDat system and how to use it, check