Lead Kiosk Ambassador

Brenda Ashford

Brenda Ashford, the Company’s Lead Ambassador, joined the DivDat team in 2012 after more than 30 years in customer service roles. Her breadth of business experience spanned industries and market segments, having come from Harvard Resources, a staffing company that leveraged Brenda’s vast experience to “right” numerous challenged businesses that needed a fixer in customer-facing roles. Her approachable demeanor and passion for helping people made quickly elevated Brenda to Lead Ambassador for DivDat’s kiosk-based customer service positions.

In the role, she enjoys not only demonstrating how the DivDat kiosks make quick work of taking payments for services by cash, check, ACH, and card, but especially takes pride in ensuring bill payers are confident in using the kiosks independently, based on her tutelage, the next time they visit a DivDat kiosk location to pay.

Brenda routinely defers praise for a job well done to her “students” and takes particular pride in empowering senior citizens to be more independent. She graduated with a business degree from Wayne County Community College and remains active in Detroit-based community groups and takes part in numerous volunteer activities throughout the year.