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Ways to Pay

Group 11

Pay Online

Pay online the easy way, directly on the Township’s site,
without having to create a payment profile.

Group 12@3x

Mobile App

Download the DivDat mobile app to create a user profile, add repeat billers and accounts, set payment reminders, opt-in to Text-to-Pay functionality, and more.

Group 9

Bill Payment Kiosk

Find a kiosk location near you or download the step-by-step guide to making a payment on the DivDat kiosk.

Group 11

Consumer Web Pay Portal

Pay online, create a user profile, and save billers and accounts that you pay on an ongoing basis for additional convenient reminders, payment options, shopping cart functionality for multiple bills, and more.

Serving the community members of Redford Township has been a passion, not just a career. It’s important for the Office of the Treasurer to be accessible to residents and businesses and to drive efficiencies and transparency for the Township. DivDat helps Redford Township and the Treasury team do just that. The citizens and businesses of Redford can rely on DivDat as an official self-service payment channel that helps the Township provide you with more secure and efficient ways to pay.

Lily Cavanagh

Redford TownshipTreasurer

Redford - Lily Cavanagh
Lily Cavanagh

Redford Township Treasurer

Meet your Treasurer

Since 2008, Lily Cavanagh has served Redford Township as Treasurer and prioritizes making it easier for Redford Township’s residents and businesses pay tax and water bills, while driving efficiencies for the Township. In addition to serving Redford directly, Lily is a member of the Police and Fire Retirement System Board, the Wayne County Treasurer’s Association, and helps other local and national association beneficiaries with Spanish translation and mentorship.

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