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Aug 16, 2022

City-wide DivDat Bill Pay Kiosks Available to Accept Detroit Basement Backup Protection Program Homeowner Deposit

Residents can pay their deposit for the City of Detroit Basement Backup Protection Program with cash, personal or business check, or card at any DivDat kiosk

DETROIT, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Diversified Data Processing & Consulting, Inc. (“DivDat” or the “Company”), announced today that eligible Detroit homeowners participating in the City of Detroit Basement Backup Protection Program can pay their $100 deposit on approved upgrades to correct or prevent residential flooding, per program guidelines.

The program deposit for each eligible and approved home can be paid exclusively on any Detroit-area DivDat kiosk. The DivDat Payment Network conveniently presents resident bill payers with local City Departments, including the DWSD, as well as other local area billers to pay on DivDat branded indoor and outdoor payment kiosks, located in and around the metro Detroit area.

Detroit resident pays DWSD Basement Backup Protection Plan deposit on DivDat kiosk at local area retailer, Parkway Foods.

Working with DivDat to offer accessible, convenient, and secure channels to accept residents’ bill payments has been an enormous benefit for the DWSD,” said Gary Brown, director of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department (DWSD). “The DivDat kiosk allows Detroit homeowners, including landlords, in eligible neighborhoods to pay their deposit for the Basement Backup Protection Program where and how it’s most convenient to them – at DivDat kiosk locations across Detroit. The partnership with DivDat to accept these deposits help us speed up the process to get backwater valves installed in homes in the pilot neighborhoods.”

DivDat has provided payment processing to the City and its departments, including DWSD since 2017. Today, all City of Detroit Departments provide convenient bill payment options to residents through DivDat’s omni channel payment pathways, including kiosk, web, mobile app, and IVR/phone pay. DivDat has helped the City transition from cash handling to accepting cash payments free of charge to bill payers at its many Detroit area kiosks.

“We are proud to further facilitate additional specialized payment types and corresponding back-end integrations for the City of Detroit and its Departments,” said Jason Bierkle, President, DivDat. “Providing additional payment channels and corresponding immediate account posting help reiterate the peace of mind for homeowners and landlords that their home’s value is being prioritized as a result of this City program.”

The City of Detroit Basement Backup Protection Program is funded by the Detroit Future Fund, as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). ARPA funding is in part designed to provide vital services and make necessary investments in infrastructure. As a result of ARPA funding, The Detroit Future Fund is able to cover the cost of the Basement Backup Protection Program, with the exception of the homeowner’s portion of the payment, which can be made by DivDat kiosk or online. To determine eligibility for the Basement Backup Protection Plan and to apply for the program, visit


DivDat is the leader in omnichannel bill payment and processing serving corporations as well as municipalities, utility companies, courts, and quasi-governmental entities. DivDat’s proprietary payment technologies span indoor and outdoor payment kiosks, web interfaces, IVR/phone payment options, mobile app, and point of service modules facilitating in-person payments made to cashiering representatives. Across all channels, bill payments paid on the DivDat Payment Network feature real-time automated posting to accurate customer-specific accounts, reducing the need for manual intervention, so treasury teams are more efficient and get paid faster®. DivDat and its leadership have been recognized for their contributions to DE&I. The DivDat kiosk and the full DivDat Payment Network promote equality and access by providing corporations and governments with the tools and technologies to make it just as easy for unbanked and underbanked people to stay current on essential bills as it is for those with access to electronic payment methodologies and credit, effectively leveling the paying field®. Learn more about DivDat at

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