DivDat can handle cash payments at 1%!


DivDat Manages It All

All Hardware Upgrades
Remote Technology Upgrades
Technology Updates and Monitoring
Cash Handling
Routine Maintenance

   PCI and Regulatory Compliance Upgrades

   ADA Compliance

   Physical Machine Deployment

   Enhanced Dashboard Revenue Monitoring and Reconciliation

   DivDat Handles ALL Aspects of Kiosk Deployment

Customer Benefits

  • DivDat serves as the payment and equity bridge between consumers and billers
  • Convenience - kiosks are strategically located in neighborhood centers, retail stores, government office service centers
  • One-stop free payment for all services
  • Users operate at their own pace
  • Transactions are conducted in private - a “judgment free zone”
  • If English is a second language, the kiosks are multi-lingual
  • Fee “free”- customers preferring cash can pay multiple times in a month without any fees
  • No need to travel to a payment center with limited hours
  • Account look-up capability by service address or account number
  • Real-time posting to their account and biller
  • Immediate receipt printed, emailed or text message
  • Peace of mind and dignity

Biller Benefits

  • 98% Customer satisfaction - “Very Satisfied” or “Satisfied”
  • Kiosk as A Service or “Managed Service"
  • Eliminates the need/risks to handling cash
  • Dashboard Treasury reconciliation, armored car, cash counting, bank fees
  • Increased collection rates (Propensity to pay + Advance payments)
  • Strong ROI, can re-purpose cashiers for other critical functions
  • Kiosks fulfill the walk-in payment solution as regulators, legislators, community leaders mandate some in-person payment presence
  • Enhance branded community presence
  • Expand payment/collection hours to virtually 24/7 (40% pay after normal business hours, 30% pay on weekends)