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Dec 03, 2020

Kiosk service offers more ways to pay jail bonds, fees and court costs

By Oralandar Brand-Williams | The Detroit News

The public has another option to make bond payments, fees in landlord-tenant matters and other court costs at Detroit’s 36th District Court.

The court has partnered with  DivDat Kiosk Network for kiosks to better serve citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic, 36th District officials announced Thursday.

“COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Court operations” said Chief Judge William C. McConico. “In an effort to continue to serve the public as efficiently and safely as possible during this pandemic, we have chosen to adopt new technologies and online methods to make it easier to conduct business with the Court remotely. We have worked collaboratively with the DivDat team to create custom solutions that are user-friendly and easily accessible.”

Plaintiffs and defendants are now able to file a new case electronically, respond to a motion or submit a credit card payment online rather than mailing it to the courthouse. Once a payment is submitted, the litigant or defendant will receive an email confirming the filing and also receipt of their payment.

The bond payment kiosks are in located in the lobby of the Detroit Detention Center, 17601 Mound Road.  The public will now be able to make a payment by searching a case number or entering the name and date of birth of the person to be released. Kiosk users also can pay a bond when a case number has not yet been assigned, which often occurs on weekends. The bond payment kiosk accepts only cash and a $5 service fee is charged for the transaction.

“The 36th District Court was one of the first in Michigan to deploy kiosks for the payment of court fees and fines and the first to deploy an outdoor kiosk 24/7,” said Bruce Babiarz, chief marketing officer for DivDat. “The addition of online court website filings and payment for landlord-tenant matters is the latest technological innovation done in collaboration with the court to provide wider access.”

The DivDat Kiosk Network has 75 kiosks in more than 50 locations in the metro Detroit.

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