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Nov 15, 2019

36th District Court in Detroit now offers a mobile app for payment of select tickets and fines

DETROIT, Nov. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The DivDat Kiosk Network has added the DivDat Mobile App to its multiple payment options to make paying court fines and fees even more convenient for metro Detroiters, it was announced today.

“The Court has received very positive feedback from the public regarding the ability to make official Court payments at the kiosks without having to travel to our downtown Court building,” said Chief Judge Nancy Blount, of the 36th District Court. “Adding web payments and the mobile app also contributes to our goal to make it easier and more convenient for the citizens to make payments and reduce foot traffic in the Courthouse.  These payment options have delivered on all of our objectives.”

“The DivDat Kiosk Network payment channel also offers billers the option to add web payments and the DivDat Mobile App to offer citizens multiple ways to pay at their convenience,” said DivDat President Jason Bierkle. “We applaud Chief Judge Nancy Blount and Court Administrator, Kelli Moore Owen, for adding the MobileApp and Web Pay to make payments even more convenient and cost-effective.”

Individuals opting to use this safe, convenient no fee method to pay their outstanding debt can simply download the DivDat app from their favorite online app store. The app also features a QR code that pairs with the kiosk for scanning and faster cash payments. The phone app will store your receipts and history of payments and allow users to make payments to other agencies on the network as well.

The DivDat kiosk network payment channels are linked in real time with the Court’s case management system to provide current amounts owed. The user may choose to pay with cash or credit/debit card and will receive an official receipt.

The kiosk pilot program revealed that some forty-percent of tickets were paid after normal business hours and an additional 30-percent were paid on the weekend when the Court is closed. The DivDat Kiosk Network is designed to eliminate payment penalties and allow the cash-preferred person to pay bills when and where it is most convenient.

“We are pleased to offer yet another convenient way for people to pay without having to come to us. It is expected the new payment options will allow the Court to dedicate more cashier resources to performing other cashier duties, while enhancing customer service and the users overall experience,” said Kelli Owen.

The 36th District Court in Detroit, one of the busiest in the State of Michigan, is the first to embrace the DivDat Kiosk Network for payment of tickets, fines and fees. In addition to increasing collection levels, the program will help the Court expand collections efforts, decrease congestion at the Courthouse, enhance customer service and increase compliance for the Court.

The DivDat Kiosk Network assists some 100,000 people per month to pay their DTE Energy, Detroit Water bills (DWSD), Wayne County Delinquent Taxes or Current City of Detroit taxes as well as a host of other City of Detroit bills including personal property taxes, Renter’s Escrow Program and many other programs coming online on the DivDat Kiosk Network.  “The Kiosk corporate and government users have worked with us to create a unique customer service model in a public-private alliance dedicated to leveling the paying field by charging no fees to consumers to pay their bills,” said Bierkle. “We are very proud of these organizations and we are working hard to reduce biller costs by adding additional billers to the network and other efficiencies.”

Bierkle added that the return on investment for kiosk billers is enhancing treasury functions as well as increasing cash flow. Kiosk payment channel accounting and reconciliation is done automatically daily, and customers receive a valid company receipt with each transaction. He said that additional benefits for billers include reductions in shut-offs and reconnections as well as freeing up staff time to assist customers with payment programs or other complex transactions. Companies have also re-assigned cashiers to other customer service roles, and no jobs have been lost due to the kiosk deployments.

“For many consumers, being forced to pay a three or five dollar charge for each bill they pay creates a hardship and the DivDat kiosk is one of the few places where people who prefer to use cash can do so without paying a convenience fee, which is really a penalty on the unbanked,” said Bierkle.

DivDat™ is a national, privately-held company in Detroit with production offices in Ferndale, MI. While founded in 1971as a print and mail invoicing and payments company, the firm has pioneered web-based payments, IVR, over the counter, mobile app and kiosk payment models unique to the industry. DivDat is a high-tech electronic invoicing and payments solutions provider to corporate and government entities seeking to provide greater customer service while increasing collections and streamline treasury reporting models.