Billing Solutions


Using the DivDat Online/Web Pay Portal

  • DivDat offers a customizable, reliable and easy to use online/web pay portal. The online/web pay portal allows your customers to create an account or pay as a guest. 
  • The online/web pay portal can be branded with your company logo, fonts, color and artwork, all designed to enhance the customer experience and create a seamless approach to web payment processing
  • Online/web pay users who wish to create an account will follow the instructions to register, then add who what bills they want to pay. They can select multiple accounts to pay, then make one payment at checkout.
  • If a bill is being paid by check, they will be prompted for the numbers at the bottom of your check, the routing number, and account number. The numbers must enter them twice so there are no errors. Any errors in entering these numbers may result in the payment not going through. 
  • There are no fees for check payments. There may be a fee for a credit /debit card payment. They will be informed if there is a fee and how much the fee is. If they do not want to pay the fee they can cancel.
  • Once the payment has been completed the payor will receive a receipt via text message or email and is stored in their account history on the online/web pay portal. 

DivDat Online/Web Pay Features:

Mobile friendly/responsive

Map of kiosk locations

Bill due date and amount

Securely save preferred payment method

AutoPay recurring bills

Same day posting

Online/Web payment history

Receipt via text message or email

Shopping cart for bill payments