Why DivDat?

Bridging the
“Payments and Equity Gap” Between Consumers and Billers

Did you know that 25% of American households are unbanked or underbanked? In many major cities, it can be as high as 40%
Lack of time & mobility
Lack of technology /
Non-tech saavy
Don’t have a bank account or credit card, and/or prefer to pay with cash.

The DivDat
Proven Solution

  • DivDat has a unique solution for the challenges of unbanked or underbanked customers. DivDat uses technology to drive social change by helping people avoid predatory “convenience fees” and other costs of making bill payments.

  • The DivDat Kiosk Network is the essential bridge between billers and their customers to pay their bills in a timely matter. 

  • Furthermore, DivDat Kiosk Network helps billing entities not only reach these customers but entices them to pay by empowering them with the tools to pay in their neighborhoods, at their convenience and during a time they prefer.
Infographic: Biller Dashboard to Invoicing to Payors to Receivables

Payment Model

  • The DivDat Omni-Channel Payment Model provides billers with a one-stop solution for all invoicing and collection of payment needs.
  • Payors benefit from a multitude of options that makes payments easy and convenient.

Proven Benefits of Kiosk Services

For Customers

Enhanced Payment Options
Convenient, Safe, & Local Payment Location
Faster Service than Cashier Windows
Smooth & Easy Transaction Process

For Businesses


Monthly Users Paying With Kiosks 


Customer Satisfaction


Customer Return Rate
Customers Pay in Advance

Our Inclusive Payment Options are Guaranteed to Accommodate any Situation

We value inclusion, which is why we have been deploying payment kiosks in locations that are convenient for your everyday customer’s needs.