Bob Walters
Chief Operating Officer

From 2010 until 2016 while working for Burroughs Inc., Mr. Walters was instrumental in the company’s development and entry into the bill payment kiosk market, overseeing product development, engineering and marketing. Additional areas of responsibility included creating a managed service offering for Burroughs to enter the intelligent safe market, making Burroughs a leader in this space.

From 1995 to 2010 Mr. Walters worked for Unisys Corp. heading up distributed check capture technologies. Under his leadership, the company entered a new market for distributed check image capture, and with products developed under his leadership Unisys became an industry leader in this product and technology. Mr. Walters was awarded US Patent # #8,313,019-B2 as Sole Inventor of a Secure Check Capture Device.

Prior to 1995, Mr. Walters led sales and marketing activities for Digital Equipment Corporation with a focus on engineering workstations, workflow and office automation.