DivDat Kiosk Network President Jason Bierkle presents No-Fee payment kiosk model to Detroit City Council.

DivDat News Release, News Room

DETROIT | PRNewswire | —

Program developed in Detroit receives applause from Council members and audience.

DivDat Kiosk Network President Jason Bierkle presented his company’s high-tech, easy-to-use no-fee payment model for energy, tax, water and other bills, earning applause and an ovation from the Detroit City Council.

By invitation of the Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones, Bierkle and his management team presented the DivDat Kiosk Network solution – used by some 50,000 people each month – to the Council’s April 24 session.

 “We are changing people’s lives with this program,” said DivDat Kiosk Network President Jason Bierkle. “This is an industry best practices method of creating a win-win solution for both billers and consumers who may not have access to on-line payment methods, credit cards or even checking accounts. The kiosk network solution of some 40 kiosks in Metro Detroit neighborhoods is now a proven model.”

Bierkle told the Council that the recent addition of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to the Kiosk Network in April has resulted in more than 5,000 people paying their water bills at kiosks without having to go to a city payment center.

The DWSD joins the Wayne County Treasurer and DTE Energy in using the DivDat Kiosk Network for collecting payments in convenient and safe neighborhood locations such as community centers and drug stores. Residents can use cash, check or credit card to make direct payments at their convenience and receive a real-time, official receipt.

“We are stamping out predatory fee practices in the Motor City,” Bierkle said. “What is truly significant and important about the DivDat Kiosk Network (DKN)® as opposed to virtually every other payment system is that the customer is not charged a so-called convenience fee or user fee,” said Bierkle. “The billers are paying for the kiosks and a small transaction fee to benefit their customers and streamline operations while also reducing their collection costs.”

Bierkle said his company is in discussions with numerous cities, court systems and other billers seeking to be a part of the growing DivDat Kiosk Network.

“We will be bringing on additional billers this summer and adding at least 10 kiosks in Metro Detroit as well,” he added. “We will soon be announcing a mobile app that complements the kiosk operation and will allow users to make payments remotely or with cash in an even more expedited manner.”

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