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Working with a large variety of clients and industries during the past 40+ years has resulted in a broad portfolio of solutions available from DIVDAT. Our Utility and Government clients may incorporate several of our processes to enhance communication and payment from their customers or take advantage of our entire portfolio of capabilities including electronic bill presentment and payment, data processing, printing and mailing services, broadcast messaging, IVR, and bill payment kiosks. Through a single data feed, DIVDAT’s wide range of solutions offers this unique group of clientele efficient and reliable solutions that offer expanded services to their customers and citizens while keeping costs low.

The expansion of our Utility and Government solutions was driven by the growing demand for preferential communication, a customer service initiative that allows a demographically diverse group of consumers to dictate how they would like to be contacted, whether by voice message, email, text message, fax, electronic bill presentment, or traditional print and mail, and how they would like to respond in the form of payment by phone, online, mobile, self-service kiosk, or mail.

Bill Payment Kiosks

BillPaymentCenterThe DIVDAT kiosk solution offers your customers a fast and convenient self-service bill payment option. Strategically placed kiosks in your Customer Service & Payment Center will expand payment options for your walk-in and cash preferred customers while reducing customer wait times in the cashiering lines and lessen the workload for your cashiering staff.

Customers have the option to pay by Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card and Check. The DIVDAT kiosk solution is turn-key from hardware to maintenance and payment processing; we provide all of the tools and resources needed to employ a kiosk in your facility.

DIVDAT’s kiosk payment option is the best way to make paying bills with cash convenient for you and your customers. Strategically placed kiosks provide underserved or unbanked consumers a convenient cash option for paying their bills. Your customers can pay their bills using the self-service kiosk method and lessen the workload for your cashiering staff.

Kiosk Payment Applications: Utility Bills (electric, gas, water), Parking Citations, Animal Licensing, Business License, Business Tax, Property Tax

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billOnline Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

BillPaymentCenterDramatically increase efficiency within your organization, while you get paid faster.

Empower your customers to take charge of their financial responsibilities. Provide them with a secure, web-based payment and bill presentment platform with real time and advanced processing technology. Communicate seamlessly what they owe and stay engaged with the payment process.

DIVDAT’s billOnline Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment solution features robust payment processing with advanced payment functionality. billOnline offers your customers self-service tools with real time payment processing, paperless billing with eMail and SMS text notification options, and bill presentment of both current and historical bills. The billOnline suite includes an administrative site used by your customer service and call center staff to support customer inquiries and payments and support your brand and marketing initiatives.

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Print & Mail Services

energybillPresent your customers with bills that clearly communicate what they owe. DIVDAT operates two state-of-the-art production facilities in the US that enable the most efficient delivery of client statements by USPS. DIVDAT offers a variety of data cleansing and mail tracking services to ensure addresses are correct so your mail is delivered on time and to the correct destination.

We specialize in data processing for our client printing and mailing needs. Utilizing our 40+ years in extensive application development experience and best in practice technology, we deliver custom print applications, maintain databases, maintain tables for customer defined messaging, create usage graphs, print graphics, merge/purge files, perform calculations, identify documents for Internet distribution/suppression, minimize page counts, accommodate multiple print formats based on customer or bill type, provide house holding, split/combine files based on data criteria, and much more.


  • Residential & Commercial Utility Bills for Water, Electric, Gas, Sewer, Solid Waste, Environmental Services
  • Tax Bills, Property Assessments, Business and Pet License, Collection Letters

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