Payment Processing & Merchant Provisioning

eBillAfter a review of our customers merchant account statements (bank transfer (ACH), credit card and debit card processing fees) we have found that in almost every case we have been able to save our clients a substantial amount of money. The majority of the time our customers thought they were already getting good rates but upon investigation in almost every case we were able to lower rates and eliminate unnecessary charges; going to great lengths to ensure our clients receive optimal interchange pricing. The system includes interchange optimization technology that tries to match each transaction to the best interchange rate possible (rather than assigning transactions to pre-defined buckets/tiers that may or may not provide the best rates).

Security: PCI, EMV & Credit Card Processing

The solution revolutionizes the payments industry by providing fully integrated payment solutions enabling merchants to securely and efficiently process credit card, debit card, stored value, and ACH payments on one reliable platform.

A few benefits businesses recognize as a result of using the payment processing solutions include:

  • enhanced data security
  • increased processing speeds and customized transaction reporting
  • dedicated client services
  • decreased risk exposure
  • lower costs
  • strengthened process reliability
  • reduced potential points of failure
  • help merchants achieve PCI compliance

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