CashLINC – Healthcare Point of Service Solution

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eBillIn today’s healthcare world, a patient’s self pay responsibility is becoming more and more of a concern. Revenue Cycle and Patient Access staffs are using tools to determine that responsibility and then are carefully guiding patients through that discussion. Once a patient understands what their responsibility is, the hospital staff member needs a tool that seamlessly collects the payment and offers other payment tools, right at the click of a mouse. That’s where DIVDAT’s point of service collection solution, CashLINC comes into play.

CashLINC is a hosted solution in DIVDAT’s secure PCI environment. As a hosted solution built in a .NET platform, it can easily interface with any hospital information system and with many “front end” revenue tools like eligibility, estimation, scoring, patient loans and propensity – to name a few.

CashLINC can be connected into those platforms to allow for a “single sign on” experience for the user. It offers a quick look up of a patient or guarantor and then gives the user the ability to see an overview of the account in a dashboard atmosphere. Patient’s accounts are viewed across the health network – regardless of their origin – from a hospital, clinic or physician visit. Those balances can also be linked into one payment and applied appropriately all from one transaction.

When a patient is speaking with a staff member and is ready to make a payment, any payment method is acceptable – cash, check, e-check, HSA or credit card – CashLINC accepts and processes them all.

Payment plans are also a staple in the system and are simple to set up. With business rules in mind, a staff member can tailor a plan that suits virtually any budget and can use various payment methods to collect on those plans. Once any payment or payment plan is established, the user can print off a receipt and hand it to the payer or they can generate an email right from the system and send that to the payer as well.

The reporting in CashLINC is a cash manager’s best friend…reports are created in the system and can be done so right down to specific user and then all the way up to an enterprise level. The reporting tool is designed in a “Windows” fashion so the ease of use factor is high.

Whether you’re smaller regional medical center or a large multi facility health system, getting paid is essential to your business. CashLINC helps you “get paid faster”.

Epic Healthcare Software Integration
The DivDat payment engine is integrated with Epic Healthcare Software for the secure processing of credit cards. DivDat has partnered with Epic to create an API integration for front end cash draw processing. This tightly coupled integration proivdes added value from PCI DSS 3.1 compliance and support for EMV credit card processing. DivDat also provides a seamless single sign on (SSO) component creating versatility and complimenting cross system functionality. DivDat’s Epic integration is tightly coupled with all other DivDat capabilities making DivDat the most flexible and valuable vendor for payment processing and secure system integration.

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