Bill Payment Kiosks

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Handling walk-in bill payments is an extremely important customer service function for utility service providers. Accepting these payments by traditional walk-in cashiering methods is time consuming and takes away from other revenue generating and customer service activities. Sky rocketing personnel and back office costs are an ever-growing concern and with underbanked and unbanked households in the US reaching nearly 25%, most customers are forced to wait in long payment lines to make simple bill payments. These challenges have led many utility and government executives to ask themselves, “How do we better serve our customers without hampering our staff and increasing operational costs?”

DIVDAT’s kiosk payment option is the best way to make paying bills with cash convenient for you and your customers. Strategically placed kiosks provide underserved or unbanked consumers a convenient cash option for paying their bills. Your customers can pay their bills using the self-service kiosk method and lessen the workload for your cashiering staff.

Unlike many vendors that focus on a single type of software or hardware product, DIVDAT provides a turn-key payment solution. By combining all of the necessary aspects such as hardware, software, installation, service, collection, maintenance, repair, and processing into one complete package, DIVDAT’s turnkey solution reduces costs while promoting greater customer convenience.

DIVDAT Kiosk Payment Solutions Helps:

  • Reduce costs
  • Expand walk-in payment options
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Optimize staff time
  • Improve transaction speed
  • Empower customers to control own utility experience

DIVDAT Kiosk Payment Advantage:

  • Offer convenience to customers
  • Real time posting of payments
  • Multiple Language capability
  • Decreases customer wait time
  • Provides a unique and easy utility bill payment solution
  • Indoor and outdoor models available
  • Accepts cash, check, credit & debit cards

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